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Highbridge News: Driver sentenced for fatally striking mother of tw...

Highbridge News: Driver sentenced for fatally striking mother of tw...: Driver sentenced for fatally striking mother of twins BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 29- District Attorney Robert Johnson a...

Driver sentenced for fatally striking mother of twins

Driver sentenced for fatally striking mother of twins

BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 29- District Attorney Robert Johnson announced that 29-year-old Agustus Jenkins of Montgomery, NY, has been sentenced to the maximum sentence of 1-1/3-to-4 years behind bars for the January 2014 death of the mother of twin toddlers, Nydja Herring, of the Bronx.
Jenkins was found guilty of Criminally Negligent Homicide, a Class E Felony, following an 11-day trial before Justice Peter Benitez, during which the jury returned their verdict on June 4th after less than a day’s deliberation.
The 32-year-old victim was crossing the street at East Tremont and Van Nest Avenues, on the way to the store to buy milk for her twin toddlers, when she was struck by Jenkins’ speeding vehicle. He was behind the wheel but had a friend with him, along with two children aged four and 11.  Blood alcohol tests showed he was operating the vehicle above the legal limit. He was also driving on a suspended license. Ironically, Jenkins was coming back from the wake for a baby who had died from SIDS.
Not only were Nydja Herring’s twin 2-year-olds left without a mother, the victim’s own mother was scheduled to receive a kidney from her daughter. Herring’s mother is still on the organ transplant list.

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Highbridge News: Restaurant Charges to Use Bathroom

Highbridge News: Restaurant Charges to Use Bathroom: Gotta Go? Better Have the #Dough! Restaurant Charges to Use Bathroom By David Greene BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 29...

Restaurant Charges to Use Bathroom

Gotta Go?
Better Have the #Dough!

Restaurant Charges to Use Bathroom

By David Greene
BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 29- Residents and visitors of Norwood got a shock recently when one popular restaurant began charging a $3 fee to use the restroom.
Those entering the El Caribe Restaurant located at 2 East Gun Hill Road were immediately confronted with a pair of signs that read, "Bathroom is only for the customers. You want to use it? You will have to pay $3.00."
One local resident who declined to use his name because he had friends among the staff, stated, "I think they’re going to lose a lot of business because it's a public facility and now your going to ban people from using the bathroom."
The resident added, "C
ustomers may want to go in there and wash their hands before a meal. Now they’re going to charge you to use the bathroom and wash your hands? That's crazy."
One East Gun Hill Road street peddler offered, "Since they started doing that we walk around the block and use the bathroom at North Central Bronx Hospital, so we just won't patronize them anymore. It's a shame and it's a lousy policy. No other restaurant is doing that, so we'll just go somewhere else."
Asked if he'd ever used the bathroom, the peddler replied, "Yes, it's a nice bathroom, but it's kind of small. It's not like the gas stations, but I don't think it's worth three bucks."
Repeated attempts for comment were met with employees slamming down the receiver of the telephone on two separate occasions.
The trend appears to be growing as the front door to the Mosholu-Montefiore Community Center a block away, now has a sign on it's from door that reads, "Sorry no public restrooms."   

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Highbridge News: BP hosts eating contest

Highbridge News: BP hosts eating contest: BP hosts eating contest Photo by Robert Benimoff Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. hosted the first ever "Bronx Eating...

BP hosts eating contest

BP hosts eating contest

Photo by Robert Benimoff

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. hosted the first ever "Bronx Eating Contest," featuring empanadas from Havana Cafe in Throggs Neck, at the annual "New York Salutes America" fireworks extravaganza at Orchard Beach on June 25. The event, which is co-sponsored by State Senator Jeff Klein, kicks off the city's week-long celebration of America's independence.

Highbridge News: Pols Hail Supremes on #GayMarriage Decision

Highbridge News: Pols Hail Supremes on #GayMarriage Decision: Pols Hail Supremes on #GayMarriage Decision  BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 26- Officials throughout the Bronx hailed the Suprem...

Pols Hail Supremes on #GayMarriage Decision

Pols Hail Supremes on #GayMarriage Decision 

BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 26- Officials throughout the Bronx hailed the Supreme Court’s decision making gay marriage the law of the land.
The court’s 5-4 decision allows gay and lesbian couples the right to marry in any of the 50 states. 
“Today is a historic day in the United States,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. “The Supreme Court has made history and affirmed a basic human right today by allowing men and women to legally marry throughout this nation, regardless of their sexual orientation.
“After two decades of litigation, the Supreme Court has finally expanded equal rights and marriage equality to all. I would like to thank the Supreme Court for having the courage to make this bold decision, and I congratulate this nation’s LGBT community for their efforts on this issue,” Diaz said.
“Today the Supreme Court put to rest a decades-long civil rights struggle for marriage equality,” said Rep. Joe Crowley. “In its decision the Supreme Court affirmed what a majority of Americans believe, that marriage between two loving individuals, regardless of their sex, deserves full protection under the law as afforded under the 14th Amendment. History will remember this day as a watershed moment, a day when ‘we the people’ took another major step toward justice in our enormous and enduring struggle to form a more perfect union.
“So today, as we celebrate this momentous victory for our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters let us also remember those we lost along the way. Those who came before us as activists, advocates, and allies who, when faced with bigotry and violence, did not shrink, but rather stood for the belief that discrimination based on sexual orientation has absolutely no place in the laws and policies of our country. We stand on the shoulders of those giants today, and proudly proclaim love is love.”
“America will never forget this day, and neither will people all across the world who know the meaning of love and compassion,” said Mayor Bill deBlasio “June 26, 2015, will forever be memorialized as a pivotal moment in the history of our nation – the day the Supreme Court affirmed our core values of love, equality, and justice, rejected ignorance and malice, and appealed to the humanity in us all. Our country will finally afford millions of Americans the rights they have always deserved, but until now were unable to exercise. Today, this country is richer – filled with 

more equality, more acceptance, and more love than yesterday. And for the people of this city, where the movement for LGBT rights began in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn, we can be proud that we helped blaze the trail to this great victory.”
Congressman Charles B. Rangel, who represents the 13th Congressional District of New York that includes Upper Manhattan and parts of the Bronx, released the following statement on the Unite States Supreme decision on same-sex marriage:
"Indeed, all love is equal. I applaud the Supreme Court ruling on the same-sex marriage case and reaffirming that the union of the LGBT community should be treated equally. This decision marks another milestone toward American progress as the court reaffirms equal protections guaranteed to all Americans under the 14th Amendment. Today, a long overdue justice and equality have been served.
“Far too many couples have been denied protections by their governments, rights to legally commit to one another, and basic responsibilities as spouse and parents. The Court's ruling today makes it loud and clear that same-sex marriage is less about redefining the institution of marriage, but more so to ensure fundamental rights and dignity that gays and lesbians across the country deserve.
“As our nation celebrates Pride Month, this ruling could not come at a more appropriate time. I am proud that New York State is a leader in marriage equality and I look forward to other states across the nation recognizing this important right for all people. Let us continue on our path towards progress and let nothing stand in the way of ensuring equality for all,” Rangel said. 
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Highbridge News: #Marriott Opens Door in Metro Center

Highbridge News: #Marriott Opens Door in Metro Center: Bronx Now has a First-Class Place to Stay Marriott Opens Door in Metro Center By Dan Gesslein BRONX, NEW ...

#Marriott Opens Door in Metro Center

Bronx Now has a First-Class Place to Stay
Marriott Opens Door in Metro Center

By Dan Gesslein

BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 24- In a sign of the continued revitalization of the Bronx, community leaders hailed the opening of the borough's first upscale hotel. The ribbon cutting was also the capping of an odyssey for the Metro Center complex which went from an abandoned factory and vacant land to a thriving college campus style office complex and medical village.

The 125-room Marriott Residence Inn officially opened to great fanfare on Wednesday with a ribbon cutting ceremony with elected officials. Sure the Bronx has many motel rooms but none you would want to spend the night in. New Rochelle boasted the closest place to get a nice hotel room while visiting family rather than a hot-sheet motel. Now all that has changed with the opening of a first-class hotel.

"We’re thrilled that Marriott, one of the world’s premier hospitality companies, chose this location. Metro Center Atrium is unique in the Bronx – there’s nothing quite like it available anywhere else in the Borough. This truly is a landmark event for Metro Center Atrium, for our company, and for the Bronx," said Joseph Simone, President of Simone Development, whose company envisioned and built the Metro Center.

The Marriott is the crowning jewel in the Metro Center complex. The hotel caps off the Metro Center Atrium which is a mix of medical and office space in a suburban style campus.

Twelve years ago Old London Foods moved out of the area behind the Metro North tracks. Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr said people were worried about the loss of jobs and that the land would sit unused. Now the Metro Center boasts 370,000 square feet of medical offices, an Applebee's, an LA Fitness and now a first class hotel. The complex also includes Mercy College.

"Today we have seen the realization of a magic trick," Diaz said.

Metro North is planning to reopen the old Morris Park station which will have a stop steps from the Marriott. Thus giving hotel guests access to transportation to Penn Station in Manhattan and upstate New York.

The new hotel is already a success. Officials say that although it officially opened today, the hotel is already 80 percent occupied. Business execs and hospital visitors to the medical centers inside the complex as well as nearby Calvary, Einstein Hospital and Jacobi Medical Center are staying at the new Marriott.

“Today is a great day for the Bronx,” said New York City Council Member James Vacca. “We welcome Marriott as the borough’s first hotel with open arms and hope it is the signal of even more great things to come. Clearly Marriott has recognized that the Bronx is a destination for New Yorkers and tourists alike. We already have beautiful parks, the
best zoo in the nation, the Yankees, and a PGA tour worthy golf course recently completed in nearby Ferry Point Park.”

Father Richard Gorman, chairman of Community Board 12, said the grand opening is a culmination of the revitalization of the borough.

"The Bronx is not only coming back. The Bronx is back," he said.

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Highbridge News: Yankees ride subway

Highbridge News: Yankees ride subway: New Yanks Meet Fans on Way to Work BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 24- Yankees players  Andrew Miller ,  Mason Williams  and  Brendan Ryan  ...

Yankees ride subway

New Yanks Meet Fans on Way to Work
BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 24- Yankees players Andrew MillerMason Williams and Brendan Ryan rode the subway from midtown Manhattan to Yankee Stadium, introducing themselves to fans and giving away Yankees caps.

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Highbridge News: Pitching is killing #Yankees

Highbridge News: Pitching is killing #Yankees: Ain't that a Pitch Pitching is killing #Yankees By Rich Mancuso BRONX, NEW YORK,  JUNE 23 - Sunday afternoon  M...

Pitching is killing #Yankees

Ain't that a Pitch
Pitching is killing #Yankees

By Rich Mancuso

BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 23- Sunday afternoon Masahiro Tanaka allowed a career-high three home runs and tied his mark of seven runs in five innings as the New York Yankees headed to an early loss against the Detroit Tigers. Monday night, Michael Pineda, the Yankees most effective pitcher was not any better as New York lost the opening of a three-game series to the Philadelphia Phillies 11-8.

So in two games, and with supposedly the most reliable tandem on the mound, manager Joe Girardi must be wondering are these the arms that can be depended on to win a mediocre AL east division? In two straight games Yankees pitching gave up a combined 23 runs, and CC Sabathia who at times shows some signs of becoming an ace again will get the ball Tuesday night in the Bronx.

The good news, assuming Sabathia can’t get the job done, is the return of Ivan Nova Wednesday afternoon, his first start in

over a year since undergoing Tommy John Surgery. And there is always a concern about the 35-year-old Sabathia and his history of elbow and knee issues. 

But the Yankees need to get more consistent on the mound if they are serious about not missing the postseason a third straight year. The Phillies, a team last in baseball in runs scored, probably wish Pineda was on the mound every time they take the field.

Pineda had no command. The slider which helped him compile 16 strikeouts a month ago against the Orioles, and had him throw six no-hit innings against the Marlins last Wednesday night in the Bronx, was not visible. The eight runs allowed in 3.11 innings, 11-hits and a home run ball took the Yankees quickly out of another ballgame.

Now the questions are about Tanaka and Pineda. Are there concerns about a Tanaka elbow that is being overworked and headed to eventual surgery? And is Pineda once again feeling effects of a bad right shoulder that put him twice on the disabled list the past two years? 

“It’s hard to tell,” said Pitching coach Larry Rothschild regarding any impact on Pineda of a 116- pitch count performance in that game against the Orioles. 

He added, “His last time out, he was as good as he was probably at any time. I don’t know that we can have the answer to that. I don’t think it’s the case, but there’s no way to know if it is or isn’t.”

However, Girardi and Rothschild need to get some answers, and they have to come soon. There has been some discussion about Girardi going to a six-man pitching rotation and that may not work because pitchers are creatures of habit and need that consistency.

And, at the moment the most reliable and consistent starter has been Adam Warren who recorded his fifth win of the season in a Yankees 7-2 win over the Tigers Friday night. Also keep in mind that has been a surprise, because Warren was supposed to be the odd man out and designated to bullpen duty.

But there has been a change of events and the unexpected that should have the Yankees brass in some type of panic mode. Though not even a half of the season has yet to be played, there is plenty of time to get the pitching issues addressed.

Girardi is not in that panic mode, and you can’t blame him because the one question was the offense and the Yankees have had no issue hitting home runs. His team is second in baseball with the long ball as Brett Gardner and Brian McCann put the Yankees back in a game that saw the Phillies get a season high in runs and in hits.

Pineda said he is healthy and there are no issues. Girardi has his reasons why the right-hander, 8-4, had a bad evening on the mound.  

“It's been kind of up and down, and that's hard to figure out," Girardi said. "Sometimes they just go through stretches like that, the starters, and then they'll reel off six or seven good ones in a row. You've got to make pitches every time you go out. That's the bottom line. Tonight he just didn't.”    

Girardi added, “It starts with your starting pitching.” Indeed it does and if he and Rothschild don’t find answers for consistency that leads to more questions and a prevailing one:

How far will the Yankees get to October without good starting pitching that is needed to get there?

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Highbridge News: A-Rod Joins the 3000 Hit Club

Highbridge News: A-Rod Joins the 3000 Hit Club: A-Rod Joins the 3000 Hit Club Tries to Channel Jeter's Humbleness By Howard Goldin BRONX, NEW YO...

A-Rod Joins the 3000 Hit Club

A-Rod Joins the 3000 Hit Club
Tries to Channel Jeter's Humbleness

By Howard Goldin
BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 20- With two out and no men on base in the first inning on Friday, June 19, Alex Rodriguez  homered on a 95 mph fastball from Justin Verlander of the Tigers to join the MLB 3,000 hit club. He wasted no time as it was the first pitch he saw. Rodriguez is the 29th MLB player to become a member of this exclusive fraternity.
Rodriguez is the first to reach 3,000 hits since Derek Jeter on July 9, 2011. He will only be the second player, along with Jeter, to reach that milestone while a member of the Yankees. He is also only the third of the 29 to homer for his 3,000th. He follows Jeter and Wade Boggs.
It appeared destined that Yankee fans in the Bronx would have the opportunity to witness the special event in person as Rodriguez began the current homestand with 2,995 hits and eight games scheduled at Yankee Stadium. He hit safely twice on Wednesday, twice on Thursday and was obviously, prepared for Friday.
He commented after the game, “It’s a magical number, 3,000. I’m glad to be in the club. [I’m] very emotional, overwhelmed. I’m so happy to do it here in front of the fans. I was especially happy my two daughters were here.”
When asked what would be most remembered by him about this day, he replied, “After the last out, Miguel Cabrera came over and gave me a hug. That’s what I’ll take away from this day 20 years from now."
As the days pass, Rodriguez moves higher and higher in the ranks of career offensive statistics. He is the second player in MLB history to drive in more than 2,000 runs. Rodriguez’s RBI total (2,004) is only below the 2,297 of Hank Aaron.
The 39 year-old ranks fourth in career home runs with 667. He is currently only behind Babe Ruth (714), Hank Aaron (755) and Barry Bonds (762). He is sixth in extra base hits with 1,228. He ranks eighth in runs scored with 1,957
When asked which of these accomplishments meant the most to him, he answered, “RBI and runs because that’s how you win games. The most important thing is to win the game.
Rodriguez’s impressive career statistics are not only a measure of his lengthy 20+ year MLB career, but of a collection of outstanding individual seasons. The infielder compiled 13 consecutive years of blasting 30 or more home runs and driving in at least 100 runs (1998-2010). He also scored more than 100 runs in 13 straight years (1996-2008).
Those achievements were rewarded with many honors. A-Rod was selected to the American League All-Star team 14 times. He was a 10 time Silver Slugger winner and twice won a Gold Glove for fielding prowess at shortstop. Rodriguez was also the A.L. MVP in 2003, 2005 and 2007.
The career numbers should be put into perspective by the large amount of games A-Rod missed during the past few years. He was suspended by MLB for all 162 games in 2014. In addition, he missed 221 games during the previous three seasons (2011-2013) due to injuries.
A question must also be raised regarding the affect upon Rodriguez’s stats by the use of PEDs. The answer to that cannot be scientifically be determined. He implied his thoughts now are not on the Hall of fame or the past as he is preparing “to finish my career so I can be proud and do it the right way.”
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Highbridge News: Quest for 3000

Highbridge News: Quest for 3000: Quest for 3000 A-Rod milestone awaits another night By Rich Mancuso BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 19- Like it or ...

Quest for 3000

Quest for 3000
A-Rod milestone awaits another night

By Rich Mancuso

BRONX, NEW YORK, JUNE 19- Like it or not, depending on your feeling about Alex Rodriguez and his year-long suspension from baseball due to using performance enhancing drugs, but career hit number 3,000 is near and it will probably come Friday night in the Bronx.

A milestone for A-Rod that very few have achieved and you have to dig deep into the Yankees media notes to get the vital statistics. That’s another matter for another day because the Yankees will have to acknowledge the hit when it comes.

But Thursday night, with A-Rod at the plate in the eighth inning, and one hit shy of making history, the Yankee Stadium crowd anticipated the moment. They, as they have always done this season, stood and cheered Rodriguez as the cameras were ready to take photos and videos as he stepped to the plate.

Except they were disappointed, as were the media in the press box because Marlins’ reliever Sam Dyson did not cooperate by issuing four inside pitches for a ball. When Rodriguez went to first base the fans continued to show their displeasure at Dyson for not making them witness baseball history because A-Rod awaits another night to become the 29th player to get 3,000 career hits.

Dyson, if you can believe it, said it was more important to get the out, that it was more of an incentive to get A-Rod out. He claimed to not hear the fans and could care less about history. Perhaps that can be believed but the Marlins at that juncture were trailing by six runs and Dyson gave up four, all earned.

“I don't even know how to describe it," Rodriguez said about the cheers and fan support. "It feels good. Every time moments like that happen, I can just take a moment to reflect that a year ago today. Their support has actually helped me play a lot better."

The year ago was reference again to his suspension, and to many skeptics another milestone to them does not belong in the record books.

But, in all due respect to Alex Rodriguez, he has gone with the plan and been the team player. There has been no wrong statements, and his answers to the media have been about appreciation and not about himself. Reaching this milestone does not have an impact that Derek Jeter received when he hit the 3,000 plateau, then again there is no comparison when  it comes to A-Rod and Jeter.

Rodriguez had an impact in the Yankees 9-4 win over the Marlins getting two hits that made that eighth inning at bat one for drama. That first hit drove in a run that got him closer to the milestone and added to his record career RBI total.

Manager Joe Girardi was also hoping the hit would come. “Was hoping to get it out of the way,” he said. “He will get another opportunity tomorrow. Think the crowd wanted to see it. I an understand. Dyson was trying to get him out.”

But those fans, many who won’t be in the Bronx Friday night, wanted to see a hit and not a walk. This was not one night they cheered for A-Rod as they have been in his corner all season.  And Girardi, when asked, once again became the philosopher regarding the fans and how they have supported Rodriguez, who is having a comeback type first half of the season.

“Fans just want to see the players do well,” he said. “I think it's the society we live in. Most people will pull for your own team, no matter what the situation is and people want to see people come back. Giving people second chances. Most people in this room have made mistakes. One thing about Alex you see him get better everyday and he loves the game. The guys in that room respect him,” referring to the support A-Rod has received from his teammates.

Girardi added, “People are appreciative of what he has done for our club this year and how he’s helped us with winning.”

It also helps that the Yankees won again, that CC Sabathia threw the ball well and did not get the decision despite pitching six innings on three hits, and not issuing a walk for the fifth time this season. Carlos Beltran finally heard some cheers and put the Yankees ahead with a two-run homer in the seventh.

But the night was all about Alex Rodriguez and his quest to 3,000 hits. He surpassed the quest of having the fans in his corner, and it can only get better when he gets the milestone hit in the Bronx and continues to help the Yankees get wins.   

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